What is it about water aerobics that people love so much? You get to party in the pool and get a GREAT WORKOUT!  At Aquatics for Life we want everyone to experience the fun and benefits of exercising in the water.

Density & Resistance

Water is denser than air so each movement in the water encounters more resistance. This means that water aerobics tones muscle all around the body and tends to get quicker results than exercising on land. It also means that you will burn more calories in water than for the same movement on land.

Buoyancy & Support

Water supports up to 80% of your weight causing less strain on your joints and bones when compared to exercises performed on land.

Perceived Gravity & Improved Flexibility

The effects of gravity are felt less in the water than on land so you have increased flexibility. This means that your joints will have a wider range of motion so you will be able to perform exercises in the water that you wouldn’t be able to perform on land.

Water Aerobics $15 $75 45 mins.

* Additional fee may apply if we travel to your pool.
** Sign up for 5 lessons and you get a 6th lesson for free

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